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It is no surprise that Asian women are the most popular women of color in porn, given the long-standing stereotypes of them as sexually servile geishas, lotus blossoms, and China dolls. Depicted as perfect sex objects with well-honed sexual skills, Asian women come to porn with a baggage of stereotypes that makes them the idealized women of the porn world. In most sites and movies specializing in Asian women (“Asian” being used in porn as a shorthand for a whole range of ethnicities), we see a mind-numbing replaying of the image of Asian women as sexually exotic, enticing, and submissive in both the text and pictures. Using words such as naive, obedient, petite, cute, and innocent, the Web sites are full of images of Asian women, who, we are told, will do anything to please a man, since this is what they are bred for. It seems from these sites, however, that Asian women are interested in pleasing only white men because Asian men are almost completely absent as sex partners.

The introductory text on Hustler’s Web site Asian Fever sums up the way Asian women are caricatured in porn: “Asian Fever features scorching scenes of the sexual excesses these submissive Far East nymphos are famous for. No one knows how to please a man like an Asian slut can, and these exotic beauties prove it.”’ Notice here how Asian women are defined as being super slutty thanks to their assumed sexual excesses, submissiveness, skill, and beauty. Their supposed submissiveness is eroticized as they are presented as completely powerless to resist any sexual demands men may have. Their powerlessness is further enhanced by the ways these women are “childified”-they are presented as naive, innocent, and lacking any adult agency. The more childish the woman seems, the greater the ability of the male to exploit and manipulate.

Gail Dines, Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked Our Sexuality (via wretchedoftheearth)

The entire chapter on race in porn is online, and worth reading. Interestingly, Dines spends a fair amount of time discussing the desexualization/invisibility of Asian men in porn. She specifically refers to the porn project of Darrell Hamamoto — correctly (in my opinion) citing his failure to acknowledge the sexual visibility of Asian women in porn as the result of exploitation rather than privilege, while seeking to uncritically replicate white patriarchal norms for Asian men in his own work. However, Dines doesn’t offer any alternatives, merely noting that the scarcity of Asian male-centered ventures won’t be enough to change mainstream attitudes in a primarily white male market for pornography which doesn’t find Asian male images masculine enough to be lucrative. I also sense that with her anti-pornography stance, she doesn’t think that anyone should, ideally, be affirming their masculinity in this venue, anyway. 

(via thisisnotkorea)

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